How To Collect Art Deco

How To Collect Art Deco

Article By: Sophie Hannam of Homes & Antiques Magazine

Here’s how to build your own streamlined collection of classic art deco pieces

Art deco design still stands as one of the most collectable looks of the 20th century. Spanning the inter-war period from 1925-1939, art deco emerged from the social and cultural melting pot that followed the First World War. Starting in the roaring 20s, art deco is characterised by its highly modernist, streamlined look and ‘no frills’ approach, reflecting a time of hope and a drive for creative modernity.

In this downloadable guideCaroline Wheater explains how to start your own art deco collection and the best places to pick up affordable pieces. You’ll also discover some iconic deco buildings and interiors, the best fairs and dealers to visit and more about the historic origins of this timeless style.

Cut-out-and-keep guides such as this one are featured in every issue of Homes & Antiques, giving you the inside track on collecting, buying and restoring antique and vintage finds. So that you don’t have to take a page out of your favourite magazine, we feature the guides in the collectors’ guides section of our website. Simply click on the link below to download the printer-friendly page.

To download and print your guide to collecting art deco, click here.


Recommended Books:

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