About us

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you like it and find it useful.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our website, believe me when I say it’s work in progress!

My wife and I collect lots of different things and we both share this passion, we also both have a good eye for the unusual, we spend most of our spare time at car boot sales, flee markets & Auction rooms and the internet.

We also run an eBay business selling Antiques & Collectables, we sell them all over the world, have supplied items to TV shows like “Eastenders”, props for stage and TV adverts, silver trays to the houses of parliament, decanters to castles in Scotland and even biscuit tins back to their original manufacturers.

We hope you share our passion for collecting, that is why we have built this website, on every blog page you’ll find search parameters to shorten the process of finding other similar desirable items, that can be purchased from independent sellers on eBay, we’ll also recommend in the side-bars reference books and price guides,

, items and receive a small commission from eBay for directing you there, we’re certainly never get rich through this but if it can offset our monthly eBay seller’s fees then maybe it’s worth while, so we hope you like our site please feel free to contact us if you find something you like or you need help or advise, if you would like us to add a specific category to the website we’re try our best to do this, we hope it will simplify the search process, if so, then we have achieved our goal, we also will be buying through this site.

The website has been setup as a blog-site with lots of different blogs to read to the left and right-hand sidebars you will find links to current Antiques & collectables for sale on eBay, and also links to Amazon for guide books and further reference books that we recommend you invest in, to be honest there is nothing like picking up a Millers guide book to read and look at all the fabulous colour pictures, we have tried to emulate this here on our site but as you can imagine it’s time consuming and is undertaken in my spare time also.

So how to find you way around this site, on most pages you will see a sidebar menu, when you see something you like you simply click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to eBay where you can take a closer look at the items for sale there and bid and buy them in the normal way.

, where you can complete your purchase in the normal way. Please bookmark our home page and we look forward to reading your comments through our Blog Page.